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First Game Ever on New Bocce Court,

Played by Mayor Richetelli and Sam Bergami,

The Milford Columbus Committee, which honors Italian-American history, raised funds and relied on donated materials and supplies for construction of the courts, which they said would have cost $30,000 to build.  The courts were used Saturday for the Milford United Way annual bocce tournament, which had previously been held at the Scout-built courts at Walnut Beach.  Bocce is popular in Italy, Bergami said, but "it's big here, too."  The committee raises funds each year for scholarships, and decided also to raise money for the courts.  Ray Macaluso, a committee member and principal with the engineering firm Westcott and Mapes, designed the courts. Tom Collucci, a committee member, completed  construction of the courts at no cost.

       By Jill K. Dion, Editor, Milford Mirror-September 2010

Bust of Christopher Columbus Dedicated

On October 12, 1992, a bust of Christopher Columbus was dedicated and placed in the newly named Columbus Plaza between the Parson's Complex and the Toulson building. This attractive monument, which was sculptered by artist John Blair, stands as a testimonial to the hard work, dedication, and spirit of adventure of all braved the unknown for a better life. The Milford Columbus Committee continues to award hard work, dedication, and the spirit of adventure through yearly scholarships.

Group Donates Books on Italian-American Heritage,

The Columbus Committee raised money and donated scores of books on Italian-American heritage to local schools and the library. Lauralton Hall, Jonathan Law High, Joseph Foran High and the Milford Public Library each received 20 books. Topics include Italian-Americans in business and their relationship with Irish-Americans. The books were distributed in honor of Columbus Day on October 8.

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